ANNEX I – General safety and performance requirements

Chapter III (Part 1)

Requirements regarding the information supplied with the device

23. Label and instructions for use

23.1. General requirements regarding the information supplied by the manufacturer

Each device shall be accompanied by the information needed to identify the device and its manufacturer, and by any safety and performance information relevant to the user, or any other person, as appropriate. Such information may appear on the device itself, on the packaging or in the instructions for use, and shall, if the manufacturer has a website, be made available and kept up to date on the website, taking into account the following:

(a)The medium, format, content, legibility, and location of the label and instructions for use shall be appropriate to the particular device, its
intended purpose and the technical knowledge, experience,
education or training of the intended user(s). In particular,
instructions for use shall be written in terms readily understood by
the intended user and, where appropriate, supplemented with
drawings and diagrams.
(b)The information required on the label shall be provided on the
device itself. If this is not practicable or appropriate, some or all of
the information may appear on the packaging for each unit, and/or on the packaging of multiple devices.
(c)Labels shall be provided in a human-readable format and may be
supplemented by machine-readable information, such as radio-
frequency identification (‘RFID’) or bar codes.
(d)Instructions for use shall be provided together with devices. By wayof exception, instructions for use shall not be required for class I
and class IIa devices if such devices can be used safely without any
such instructions and unless otherwise provided for elsewhere in
this Section.
(e)Where multiple devices are supplied to a single user and/or location, a single copy of the instructions for use may be provided if so agreed by the purchaser who in any case may request further copies to be
provided free of charge.
(f)Instructions for use may be provided to the user in non-paper
format (e.g. electronic) to the extent, and only under the conditions,
set out in Regulation (EU) No 207/2012 or in any subsequent
implementing rules adopted pursuant to this Regulation.
(g)Residual risks which are required to be communicated to the user
and/or other person shall be included as limitations, contra-
indications, precautions or warnings in the information supplied by the manufacturer.
(h)Where appropriate, the information supplied by the manufacturer
shall take the form of internationally recognised symbols. Any
symbol or identification colour used shall conform to the
harmonised standards or CS. In areas for which no harmonised
standards or CS exist, the symbols and colours shall be described in
the documentation supplied with the device.

23.2. Information on the label

The label shall bear all of the following particulars:

(a)the name or trade name of the device;
(b)the details strictly necessary for a user to identify the device, the
contents of the packaging and, where it is not obvious for the user,
the intended purpose of the device;
(c)the name, registered trade name or registered trade mark of the
manufacturer and the address of its registered place of business;
(d)if the manufacturer has its registered place of business outside the
Union, the name of the authorised representative and address of the registered place of business of the authorised representative;
(e)where applicable, an indication that the device contains or
— a medicinal substance, including a human blood or plasma
derivative, or
— tissues or cells, or their derivatives, of human origin, or
— tissues or cells of animal origin, or their derivatives, as referred to in Regulation (EU) No 722/2012;
(f)where applicable, information labelled in accordance with Section 10.4.5.;
(g)the lot number or the serial number of the device preceded by the
words LOT NUMBER or SERIAL NUMBER or an equivalent symbol,
as appropriate;
(h)the UDI carrier referred to in Article 27(4) and Part C of Annex VII;
(i)an unambiguous indication of t the time limit for using or implanting the device safely, expressed at least in terms of year and month,
where this is relevant;
(j)where there is no indication of the date until when it may be used
safely, the date of manufacture. This date of manufacture may be
included as part of the lot number or serial number, provided the
date is clearly identifiable;
(k)an indication of any special storage and/or handling condition that
(l)if the device is supplied sterile, an indication of its sterile state and
the sterilisation method;
(m)warnings or precautions to be taken that need to be brought to the
immediate attention of the user of the device, and to any other
person. This information may be kept to a minimum in which casemore detailed information shall appear in the instructions for use,
taking into account the intended users;
(n)if the device is intended for single use, an indication of that fact. A
manufacturer’s indication of single use shall be consistent across the Union;
(o)if the device is a single-use device that has been reprocessed, an
indication of that fact, the number of reprocessing cycles already
performed, and any limitation as regards the number of
reprocessing cycles;
(p)if the device is custom-made, the words ‘custom-made device’;
(q)an indication that the device is a medical device. If the device is
intended for clinical investigation only, the words ‘exclusively for
clinical investigation’;
(r)in the case of devices that are composed of substances or of
combinations of substances that are intended to be introduced into
the human body via a body orifice or applied to the skin and that are absorbed by or locally dispersed in the human body, the overall
qualitative composition of the device and quantitative information
on the main constituent or constituents responsible for achieving the principal intended action;
(s)for active implantable devices, the serial number, and for other
implantable devices, the serial number or the lot number.

23.3. Information on the packaging which maintains the sterile condition of a device (‘sterile packaging’)

The following particulars shall appear on the sterile packaging:

(a)an indication permitting the sterile packaging to be recognised as
(b)a declaration that the device is in a sterile condition,
(c)the method of sterilisation,
(d)the name and address of the manufacturer,
(e)a description of the device,
(f)if the device is intended for clinical investigations, the words
‘exclusively for clinical investigations’,
(g)if the device is custom-made, the words ‘custom-made device’,
(h)the month and year of manufacture,
(i)an unambiguous indication of the time limit for using or implanting
the device safely expressed at least in terms of year and month, and
(j)an instruction to check the instructions for use for what to do if the
sterile packaging is damaged or unintentionally opened before use.
(e)the performance characteristics of the device;
(f)where applicable, information allowing the healthcare professional
to verify if the device is suitable and select the corresponding
software and accessories;
(g)any residual risks, contra-indications and any undesirable side-
effects, including information to be conveyed to the patient in this
(h)specifications the user requires to use the device appropriately, e.g.
if the device has a measuring function, the degree of accuracy
claimed for it;
(i)details of any preparatory treatment or handling of the device before it is ready for use or during its use, such as sterilisation, final
assembly, calibration, etc., including the levels of disinfection
required to ensure patient safety and all available methods for
achieving those levels of disinfection;
(j)any requirements for special facilities, or special training, or
particular qualifications of the device user and/or other persons;