From 2 July 2020 the European Commision’s Webpages on Medical Devices have been transferred to the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE)’s Public Health Website:

In this webpage you will find a section dedicated to Medical Devices, which is divided in six parts:

  1. Sector: the Medical Devices sector is defined through the description of current legislation for EU market and the definition of challenges taken as a target
  2. New Regulations: the new legislation that will be applicable within the EU is defined
  3. Topics of Interest: information and links on topics that are relvant for the implentation of regulation as for example custom-made devices, software, bordeline devices…
  4. Dialogue between interested parts: support for EU countries through dialogue formats and interlocutors, like MDCG, CAMD and NB-MED
  5. Expert Panels: panels of expert members to support the scientific assessment providing opinions and advices
  6. Eudamed: definition of Eudamed database to improve trasparency and coordination of information about medical devices